[Are there any newspaper holidays?]



Yes. Please see below for non-delivery days due to the newspaper holiday.

*The following dates are based on the date of issue. The delivery date depends on the area (in some areas it may be 1~2 days later).


(1) Every Sunday


(2) The Japan Times/New York Times 


Jan. 2 (Thu), Feb. 15 (Mon), Mar. 15 (Mon), Apr. 12 (Mon), May 6 (Thu), Jun. 14 (Mon),
Jul. 12 (Mon), Aug. 16 (Mon), Sep. 13 (Mon), Oct. 12 (Tue), Nov. 15 (Mon), Dec. 13 (Mon)


(2) The New York Times

Jan 1, May 1, and Dec. 25  *every year



*If there are any changes or additions, we will update the information on this page


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