Are there days when the newspaper is not delivered?



Please see below for non-delivery days.

1. Every Sunday

2. The Japan Times / New York Times (due to annual newspaper holidays)

2022 Jan. 2 (Sun), Feb. 14 (Mon), Mar. 14 (Mon), Apr. 11 (Mon), May 9 (Mon), Jun. 13 (Mon), Jul. 25 (Mon), Aug. 8 (Mon), Sep. 12 (Mon), Oct. 11 (Tue), Nov. 14 (Mon), Dec. 12 (Mon)

3. The New York Times Jan 1, May 1, and Dec. 25

*every year

*These dates refer to dates of issue. Actual delivery dates are subject to processing times, which vary depending on the delivery area. (Processing in some areas may result in delivery times of 1-2 days later).



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