Why can’t I access certain stories?


Kyodo stories are archived after 30 days. Only print and Digital plan subscribers have unlimited access to these older stories. Digital Lite subscribers can access up to 10 each month. Digital Lite subscribers who wish to read more archived stories should either upgrade to a full Digital subscription plan or purchase a booster pack.  Note: There are restrictions on Kyodo stories in booster packs.  See the chart below for exact allotments.

Plan Access
Digital Plan (¥/$) Unlimited access to all Kyodo stories
Digital Lite Plan (¥/$) 10 Kyodo archive stories (out of 80stories)
80 story digital booster pack (¥/$) 10 Kyodo archive stories (out of 80stories)
40 story digital booster pack (¥/$) 5 Kyodo archive stories (out of 40stories)

AP stories expire after one month.

There are no restrictions on stories written by staff or JT contributors for print or full Digital plan subscribers.

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