Subscriber's benefits - Free digital access-


Subscriber benefits: Free digital access


I’m a JT/NYT subscriber. How can I use my subscriber benefits to utilize the free full access to The Japan Times website and


Follow these simple steps to start enjoying free digital access on any device.


I’m already a registered member

  1. Click on  My Account
  2. Choose “About JT/NYT print subscription benefit”
  3. Fill in the form and confirm.  Click on “Registered as a current subscriber”
  4. After applying, you will receive emails as a record of your account ID for The Japan Times website and/or subscription number for You can also view this information by logging into the account page on The Japan Times website:


Please note: It may take up to five days for registration



I’m not a registered member yet

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Sign up for membership” and follow the steps. When complete, proceed from step 2 above.




If you need further assistance, please contact us via inquiry form.


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