I don’t see the auto-renew toggle on my account page.



There are two cases where this occurs:

(1) When you are viewing your smartphone in portrait mode (vertically).

・If you are viewing your smartphone in portrait mode, tap on the three dots and then you can turn off the auto-renewal.

・The auto-renew toggle will appear when the screen is oriented horizontally.


(2) During a special offer

・The auto-renew toggle will not be displayed during a campaign period (for example, you were given a discount, coupon code, free month, etc.).





・The auto-renewal toggle will appear after you make your first payment after the campaign period ends. You can toggle auto-renewal on or off at any time thereafter.

・As stated in our terms and conditions, you cannot cancel your subscription during a special campaign period.

Thank you for your understanding.

* Reference: The Japan Times Digital Terms of Service Chapter 4.-Section 10.-2

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