[I have received information about my subscription renewal and would like to pay by credit card.]


Six or 12-month subscribers will receive information for subscription renewal around one month prior to the end of the subscription period.


You can pay on our website if you wish to pay by credit card.


Please follow the steps below.

1. Access The Japan Times / The New York Times subscribers' page “Print Subscribers

2. Enter your email & password and click the “Login” button



3. Click the “Sign Up/Subscription Menu” button



4. Click the “Apply” button for The Japan Times / The New York Times 

*Please do not click the “Apply” button for The Japan Times Digital



5. The message “You have already purchased the same services.

Please go to the next step if you are renewing your subscription or purchasing the additional service” appears. Click the “OK” button



6. Click the “Select” button for either a “6-month Subscription” or “12-month Subscription”

*Please do not click the “Monthly subscription” button



7. ①Choose “Renewal” of “Current status”

    ②Choose delivery address or register a new address

    ③Choose “Credit card” as “Payment method”

    ④Click “Next” button



8. When the input page for credit card information appears, please fill in the necessary information and click the “Confirm” button


9. You will receive an email to confirm the application was completed successfully


You can also confirm your order on the “Print Subscribers” page.


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