【How do I monitor how many articles I can read?】



The location of the article counter

For Digital Lite plan users, Japan Times members and non-members, an article counter is displayed at the top-right corner of the website for desktop users and at the top center for mobile users. It reads: "YOU HAVE READ ## OF ## ARTICLES." 

The counter is not be displayed for Digital Full plan users since they have unlimited access.


*For Digital Lite Plan users and The Japan Times members



*For users who are not logged in



Pages on which the article counter is displayed

The article counter is only displayed on article pages. It does not appear the website's directory pages (eg. the top page, category landing pages) or search result pages.


*Example of the counter on a National News story (top page > NEWS > NATIONAL >  Article)



* Example of the counter not appearing on National landing page  (NEWS  >  NATIONAL) 



What happens when I read the same article again?

During your subscription period, multiple views of the same story will be counted as one article view. 
※After reset (see below for details), will count one again.


Articles without restrictions

Restrictions are not applied to news articles related to disasters in Japan such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Likewise, most news articles containing essential information about the COVID-19 pandemic are free of restrictions.


About the article counter reset

For unregistered users, the story count limit is reset on the first of every month at 12 a.m., Japan time.

The count for Digital Lite plan users will be reset according to the start/renewal date of the subscription. To confirm,  please check the library in your user account:  My Account Library  >  My Subscriptions



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