Can I save articles for reference and reading offline?


Yes, you are free to download articles.

How to download articles via web browser:

(1) Right-click on the article you want to download or click on the three dots at the top right of the page and select "download."


(2) Select the type of data you want to download:

  • Download Page in PDF (only the page displayed)
  • Download Issue in PDF (all pages of current issue)


(3) A preview and notes will be displayed.





How to download articles via the app version:

Note: To avoid data charges, do so when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

(1) Press and hold the image of the issue you want to download.



(2) When the download is completed, the down-arrow icon ( ↓ ) at the bottom right of the paper image will change to a check icon ( ✓ ).



With the web browser, you may store the downloaded PDFs even after canceling the ePaper Edition.

Likewise, you can read the ePaper Edition’s downloaded data even after you cancel your subscription. If you delete/uninstall the app, this will also delete the downloaded articles.



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