I have been a subscriber since the days of the LITE plan. How has the change to the new plans changed the prices and services you have been offering?




If you had been subscribed to the LITE plan, automatically transferred to the Standard plan on February 15, 2021.


The service content is the same as the Standard plan. We have improved our service by removing the limit on the number of articles that can be viewed.


The subscription fee remains the same at $9/month (900 yen/month) up to February 2023, at the most.

However, if you cancel your subscription or otherwise break the subscription period, you will be charged the standard plan price ($15/month, 1,500 yen/month) from the time you resume your subscription.


In addition, if you change to the Premium plan and then change back to the Standard plan, you will still be charged the standard Standard plan price ($15/month, 1,500 yen/month).

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