How to log in


Click the LOGIN button in the upper corner of the main page of The Japan Times website and enjoy



If you are not seeing the LOGIN button on our site, please follow these instructions:


  • Check your operating system. Outdated systems such as Windows XP may prevent the button from being displayed.
  • Have you disable javascript and browser? 
  • Do you have ad-blocking software installed?




  • Please upgrade to a more recent OS and browser.
  • In your browser settings, please enable javascript and allow cookies for our website.
  • If you use ad blocking or security software, please whitelist our website’s domain (
  • Please try doing a force reload. 
    • Instructions for Windows users

        Google Chrome : Ctrl+F5  or  Shift+F5 

             Firefox : Ctrl+F5  or Ctrl+Shift+R

             Internet Explorer  : Ctrl+F5

             Microsoft Edge : F5  or  Ctrl+R

             Safari : Ctrl+R  or  Ctrl+Shift+R

    • Instructions for Mac users

                         Google Chrome : Command+R 

                         Firefox : Command+↑Shift+R

                    Safari : Command+R or Command+Option+E

Please try this link whether you can go to LOGIN page.

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