What is your cancellation and refund policy?



No refunds will be given after you have applied for cancellation, as you will still be able to use the service until the day before your renewal date.


Example 1
If you start a monthly subscription on July 10 and cancel it on August 11
Payment: 1st payment (for 1 month) on July 10, 2nd payment (for 1 month) on August 10
Last day of service availability: September 9
Suspension of billing and service: From September 10


Example 2
If you start your subscription on July 10 as an annual payment and cancel it on August 11 of the same year
Payment: 1st time on July 10 (for one year)
Last day of service availability: July 9 of the following year
Billing and service suspension: From July 10 of the following year


*The date and time will be determined based on Japan Standard Time (JST).









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